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We pride ourselves on offering technology advanced products, yet cling to old-fashion values. We are dedicated to providing quality products and services – to be customer oriented and service driven. In addition, we commit to conducting our business in a manner that values the well-being of our customers, suppliers and employees. Our specific objectives in accomplishing this mission include:

To foster a spirit of service to our customers, suppliers, and employees.
To achieve a position in the marketplace as a world-class wire manufacturing facility.
To reduce customer costs by providing product value, efficient packaging, and timely delivery.
In keeping with prudent stewardship, to reinvest a major portion of profits into the company to increase product capabilities and plant capacity.
To insure continuity of the business through leadership development and industries served, products produced and raw materials utilized.

If you are presently a customer of ShapedWire, we hope you have been pleased in every way with our relationship. If we haven’t had the pleasure of doing business with you, we trust you will give us the opportunity in the near future.
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